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Secure Point-to-Point Wireless Bridge (60 & 70/80 GHz millimeter wave radios)

Millimeter-wave point-to-point backhaul solutions for Security and Government applications

Our AireLink and AireBeam Series of 60 and 70/80 GHz point-to-point solutions, now designed and assembled in the company's San Diego, CA facility, provide industry leading features and performance. Thanks to input from our valued enterprise and carrier customers, and after months of testing in the harshest environments, our new AireBeam point-to-point radios have been redesigned inside and out, including state-of-the-art electronics, a new lightweight enclosure and innovative easy-to-install mount. In addition, we have added more flexible connection options via our AirePex (TM) system.

And whether you are managing our 60 GHz radios, 70/80 GHz radios or our Hybridge optical-RF solutions, all products utilize the same user-friendly control system and work seamlessly within your network.

Unlike offerings from other wireless millimeter wave backhaul solution companies, we also manufacture a full range of optical wireless/FSO and hybrid optical-RF bridges to complete your network cost effectively and without frequency licensing/regulatory issues. In fact, our industry-exclusive 4-beam auto-tracking Gigabit optical bridges are often used in countries where frequency congestion, RF interference and licensing costs are an issue for metropolitan/mobile 4G/LTE networks and picocells.

We can provide you with the best technology solution for your network, whether it is millimeter wave wireless, free space optics, a hybrid optical-RF solution or all three...depending on your particular installation/network.

70/80 GHz Radios
The 70/80 GHz band (widely known as the "e-band") is available throughout most of the world for high capacity point-to-point communications. millimeter wave technology and the vast available spectrum in the band provides for fiber-like transmission (GigE), far surpassing the performance of microwave solutions. Enterprises, governments and telecom carriers have used the 70/80 GHz band for several years now, generally connecting buildings or cell towers over distances of several miles. Compared to the cost of trenching for fiber optic cables, and the recurring costs of lease lines, the e-band provides a cost effective alternative for high speed network backhaul applications. See our 70/80 GHz backhaul solutions.

New features & performance enhancements for the 2012 70/80 GHz AireBeam Series:

• Choice of RJ45 copper, MM, or SM fiber connectors for each side of link
• Certified by an independent Notified Body for worldwide deployments
• Ultra high gain 1FT/.3m & 2FT/.6m field-changeable antennas
• Power-over-Ethernet for easy installation (PoE)
• Industry exclusive link optimizer/indicators
• Industry’s lowest energy consumption
• Easy-mount polarization adjustment
• Lightweight all-weather enclosure
• Carrier grade SNMPv.2
• High system gain
• Low latency
• 4G/LTE ready

60 GHz Radios
Our new 60 GHz point-to-point radios are ideal for shorter distances than our 70 GHz solutions. In most parts of the world, 60 GHz is license free, which makes these radios extremely cost effective. In addition, the built-in characteristics of 60 GHz provide excellent security for sensitive data transmission. Learn more about our 60 GHz radios.

· Reliable operation up to several kilometers

· Highly secure transmission

· License exempt in most countries