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About Us

About AirePointe

AirePointe, a division of LP Communications, is a San Diego-based manufacturer of wireless Gigabit capacity bridges for security and government applications such as camera backhaul (video surveillance), public safety networks, emergency response “flyaway” kits, critical infrastructure protection, inter-agency connectivity, utility networks, natural disaster recovery, and communications restoration. Customers of wireless bridges include government agencies (e.g., Department of Homeland Defense, National Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp) telecom operators (e.g., mobile carriers, WISP – wireless internet service providers), defense contractors, security integrators and private enterprises.  AirePointe products are also used by ports, airports and in other transportation applications. AirePointe/LP Communications security and government wireless bridges are available under GSA contract.

Advantages of working with AirePointe:

We offer a broad choice of SECURE high performance point-to-point wireless bridges.

Over 17 years experience manufacturing outdoor wireless bridges.

Over $80 million invested in backhaul solution R&D and a record of innovation/patents.

The broadest choice of highly secure, ultra fast optical wireless transmission and robust wireless/RF solutions for video security backhaul, government and millitary applications.

Solutions ranging from 100 Mbps to 1.25 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet capacity.

Whether providing backhaul for numerous security cameras at a port, or connecting troops in a theater of operations, AirePointe is dedicated to providing you with the most secure wireless bridges in the industry, including the world's fastest point-to-point solution (1.25 Gbps and less than 20 nanoseconds latency). That's faster than fiber optics. And faster than any RF technology. And all our products are controlled by an advanced yet easy-to-use unified management system.