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Management & Key Contacts

Heinz Willebrand, President & CEO

Dr. Heinz A. Willebrand is widely regarded as being among key driving visionary forces behind the Free-Space Optics (FSO) industry movement. Well known and recognized for his contributions to the advancement of FSO, Heinz regularly speaks at national and international conferences on technical and business related aspects of FSO and Millimeter-Wave (MMW) technology. Heinz oversees and guides all business related aspects of the company and is also actively involved in creating the technology roadmap of the company. Heinz obtained his Ph.D in Applied Physics at the University of Muenster/Germany and has held research and teaching positions with the University of Muenster and the University of Colorado in Boulder. He holds more than 10 national and international patents on fiber-optics and wireless technologies. Heinz has published more than 70 articles in technology and business journals and co-authored the book, "Free-Space Optics: Enabling Optical Connectivity in Today's Networks," the first comprehensive body of work that explores the physics and development of FSO and examines the technology's applications for public and private telecommunications networks.

Erhard Kube, Chief Scientist

Dr. Kube graduated from the Dresden Technical University with a dissertation on micro strip conductors. Afterward he worked in research and development as both an engineer and project manager, developing measurement and transmission systems in the field of hyper-frequency engineering. From 1964 onward he devoted himself exclusively to working with optical communications technology, an area which later contributed greatly to the development of broadband transmission innovation. His study of the transmission of infrared light through the atmosphere led to his involvement in the development of free space optics, or optical wireless technology, in Germany during the 1960s. In 1972 he completed a doctorate on the optical transmission of information through the atmosphere using GaAs radiation. From 1972 to 1992 Dr. Kube continued working as project manager for various R&D facilities in former GDR and in the field of optical transmission technology via optical fiber cables. During this period of time Dr. Kube contributed to several groundbreaking engineering improvements that laid the foundation for the widespread use of fiber optics transmission in today’s telecommunication networks. In 1992 he joined the company Teleconnect GmbH in Dresden, and dedicated himself with renewed vigor to further developing free space transmission technology without the need for fiber optic cables. The renaissance enjoyed by this sort of 'wireless' technology, for ultra high capacity data transmission with bit rates exceeding the 1 Gbps mark, was partly triggered by the economic need for inexpensive data transmission, but also by engineering improvements in this area that were achieved under the guidance of Dr. Kube.

Lorian Sanders, GM & Vice President of Finance

Lorian Sanders manages finance and general management activities for the company and has over 26 years experience in accounting and finance in both the public and private sectors. Lorian's dedication and enthusiasm are a source of inspiration to our partners, customers and employees alike. She continues to be a driving force behind the long-term success of LightPointe.

John Taylor, Vice President of Sales

John Taylor was co-founder of Rayawave in 2006, and a Free Space Optics expert since 2000, creating and building the sales channels for several wireless bridging technologies. John has over 30 years in high-tech sales and has proven himself as a leader in last mile relationships for enterprise, carrier and government customers. Previously, John worked in various sales management roles at Aironet (Cisco), Tektronix and Motorola developing channel strategy and key customer business development in the United States and abroad.

Brian Schick, Director of Operations and Engineering

Brian Schick serves as Director of Operations and also helps guide mechanical design and product integration/testing. A passionate inventor, Mr. Schick holds 37 key patents and brings to the company a unique ability to envision new products and features. Mr. Schick has 29 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing with industry-leading electronics corporations and, thanks to his Six-Sigma Black Belt/quality background, guides the company in maintaining the quality and documentation processes essential for optimum reliability of optical wireless, radio frequency and hybrid FSO-RF products. He has a Masters degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah.

Brian Petersil, Director of Customer Service

Brian Petersil is well versed in all aspects of our products and is a valuable member of the team. Prior to joining the company, Brian worked for Sprint as an Senior Sales Representative and for the Dixon Ticonderoga Company as the Western Regional Manager. He is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in Business / Economics.

Other contacts: 


Todd Easterling / V.I. Technology Ventures, Marketing, PR, & Corp Dev           

Todd works closely with LightPointe's industry-aclaimed management team in the areas of corporate development, partnerships, product development, marketing, web presence, PR, IR, research, and strategy. Todd began his career as a Product Analyst/Product Manager at General Instrument VideoCipher Division in 1987, where he served on the team which invented and marketed the world's first digital television/HDTV system and set the FCC standard for HDTV. Todd subsequently gained experience in vice president roles at companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 in the satellite, cable, and wireless sector, and as CEO and co-founder of AirCam Video Technologies. In addition, he has worked with leading Ad/branding Agencies and Deloitte in the areas of executive coaching, organizational psychology, e-commerce/web use, strategy development, M&A, fund raising, crisis management/PR, and hands-on tactical marketing with emphasis on helping companies become leaders in creativity and innovation, while garnering industry and customer respect to increase revenues. Todd has degrees from SDSU and MIT (Executive MBA in Marketing). In addition to his passion for new technologies, employee growth/satisfaction, and the tech sector, Todd and his extended family have owned a real estate brokerage since 1989 (La Costa OaksRancho Santa Fe Real Estate). Todd resides in the greater San Diego area.