Security camera & IP video backhaul solutions
Point-to-Point wireless for military applications
Emergency Response & Public Safety backhaul
Port and Transportation Monitoring
State and Municipality wireless bridges


Secure Federal Government Wireless Solutions

Government agencies demand optimimum security. Our millimeter wave backhaul solutions and laser bridges provide a secure and extremely narrow "pencil beam" data path which is virtually impossible to intercept. For maximum security, our customers often choose our laser links which provide GigE throughput and extremely low latency. Such laser bridges cannot be intercepted. Most our customers find that there is no need for software or hardware-based AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and thus avoid the inherent latency delays of such encryption or utulize encryption which is already enbedded in their network.

Public Safety & First Responders (emergency personnel)

Municipal police, fire and emergency/EMS personnel use our millimeter wave wireless technology and laser solutions on both a daily basis for routine communications and for emergency events such as natural disasters. During such disasters, wireless bridges provide the ability to quickly establish communications in areas where there is damage to the wired and wireless infrastructure.

Border Patrol/Border

Our backhaul solutions are in use in critical border and customs department applications, such as communications and border surveillance. High capacity wireless backhaul solutions can be used to connect digital video cameras to a central monitoring station for recording and observation.