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Port and Transportation Wireless Backhaul Solutions

Keeping networks safe from intruders is a top priority for all ship ports, airports and other transportation environments. With today's complex surveillance networks operating at speeds of Fast Ethernet and higher, IT professionals face constant pressure to balance LAN improvements and security to ensure reliabile monitoring of such large facilities. Such facilities, which transfer large amounts of voice, video or data, need secure ultra-high bandwidth building-to-building connectivity that does not carry the enormous costs of fiber-optic cable. Government agencies, in particular, must also meet FIBS 140-02 cryptography standards for the protection of sensitive information sent and received over networks.

Transportation organizations are implementing highly secure, ultra high-speed millimeter wave and laser wireless solutions for security network connectivity. Such solutions provide secure network communications. Signal detection and interception are virtually impossible, especially with laser bridges. Additionally, the beams of light from Optical Wireless solutions transmit voice, video or data via light pulses that can be received through a proprietary polished mirrored surface in Optical Wireless units. Optical Wireless solutions can also seamlessly transmit encrypted data to meet FIPS 140-02 compliance.