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Emergency Laser Flyaway Kit

FlyAway Kit for Hastily Formed Networks (HFS)

Designed for First Responders, Special Events and Military Theater of Operations, our point-to-point solutions are available in a kit format for easy deployment in Hastily Formed Networks (HFS). These kits include the optical or radio frequency transceivers and all necessary accessories and tools for rapid deployment anywhere fiber capacity is required. The components are packed into a durable weatherproof case suitable for rugged field use in the harshest environments and conditions.


First responder emergencies
Military applications
Complex Humanitarian Disasters (CHD)
Special events requiring internet access or IP video (concerts, public appearances)
Fast wireless VoIP deployment
"Cell on Wheels" (COW) for temporary cell capacity

Please email or call with your specific requirements for a FlyAway Kit. Our personnel will consider which technology and product is best suited for your needs and provide a quotation.